Pour nos stages, notre équipe d’artistes propose un programme varié et interdisciplinaire adapté à des enfants d’âges différents. La dimension sociale de notre ASBL sera aussi au rendez-vous lors des stages de vacances.

Winter camps

26-28/12 & 2-4/01
  • Week 1 : 26-28 December 2018

Cinema with Elen Sylla : “FIAT LUX”

During Winter time, the world celebrates, and all is illuminated ! Let’s make a movie (story board, scenario, sounds, stage sets sound effects, directing…) to explore the rich symbolics of light throughout various traditions, cultures and celebrations pf the world.

Fiat lux !



  • Week 2 : 2-4 January 2019

Plastic arts with Karolien Vanderstappen : “FACES”

During this camp, we’re going to play with faces. Every face has a story. Every encounter has a face. What does a face look like when you are happy, sad, angry or afraid? With pencils, scissors, glue, paper, … we’ll make portraits and masks.

So… Do you want to play someone else or do you prefer to completely stay true to yourself?


  • General info :

Opening at 8:30 and optional daycare until 6pm (10€/week/child)

Subscription HERE

Payment to ASBL Labolobo VZW : ING BE93 3631 3329 0467 (mention name + Winter week n°…)
In our care : drinks
In your care : Lunch box, snacks & comfortable/washable clothes (+apron or old shirt)

with Elen Sylla & Karolien Vanderstappen

FULL CAMP Autumn camp

from October 29 to 31

During the camp “ROLL CAMERA”, children learn how to transform a story into a scenario then into a movie. How do you go from story to sound & image? By learning staging techniques and discovering visual language.

And because at LABOLOBO we value intergenerational exchanges, on the first day we’ll invite seniors to come and tell us stories (personal or collective memory, ancient myths, made up stories …). Children choose a story, and become a director, cameraman, sound director, set designer, actors … to shoot a film together !


Activities from 9:15 to 17:00 (children welcome as of 8:30, optional daycare until 18:00)
100€ /child
Optional daycare : 10€/child/camp
Children bring their lunchbox & snacks ; Labolobo takes care of the drinks !


subscription :

with Julie De Clercq

Summer camps

July 2 to August 31

For children as of 5 years old

From 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (extra daycare option until 6:00 pm)

Varied and surprising weekly program, combination of movement and visual art about OBJECTS: stories and memories of objects, upcycling, adjustment of functions, transformations, symbolic value of the objects which surround us. Let’s look at them differently!
Physical morning workout (contemporary dance, yoga, Qi Gong, breakdance, body language, acro-yoga) and plastic design in the afternoon (stop-motion, engraving, illustration, sculpture, …). Summer will be rich in discoveries and creativity!
Team of professors and artists :  Sophie Le Grelle, Giulia Sugranyes, Noa Zamir, Noémi Garel, Yasmina Djellouli, Silvia Ubieta, Sofie Saller, Miko Shimura, Admir Mirena, Sylwia Szkiladz

From 2 to 6 (summer 1) – Miko Shimura (dance) + Sophie Le Grelle (visual arts)
From 9 to 13 (summer 2) – Noa Zamir (dance) + Sophie Le Grelle (visual arts) – FULLY BOOKED

From 20 to 24 (summer 7) – Silvia Ubieta (dance) + Sylwia Szkiladz (stop motion)
From 27 to 31 (summer 8) – Silvia Ubieta (dance) + Cosima Jentsch (theater)

From 9am to 4pm each day (except August 15th, holiday)

150€/1st child – 135€/2nd child – 120€/3rd child
Optional daycare until 6pm (10€/week/child)

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Payment to ASBL Labolobo : ING BE93 3631 3329 0467 (mention name + summercamp week n°…)
In our care : drinks
In your care : Lunch box, snacks & comfortable/washable clothes (+apron or old shirt)

Easter camp

april 3-6 and 9-13 2018

From april 3rd to 6th and 9th to 13th from 9am to 4pm (optional day care as of 8:30 and until 6pm)

With Spring, rebirth is all around !

Plastic and scenic arts (dandrawing, painting, origami, stopmotion animation,…), moment of free play, cooking sessions, gardening.


Children from age 5 to 12

First week: 120€ first child, 105€ second child, 90€ third child
Second week: 150€ first child, 135€ second child, 120€ third child


Optional day care : 10€ a week/child.


To book your spot(s), send us the following information via : period chosen + name and age of the child + contact person + phone number + day care or not.


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